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UNIQUE Business for SaaS for Hoster

With “UNIQUE Business for SaaS”, applications previously only available as client software with local software installation and licensing, are now made accessible remotely via the internet. “UNIQUE Business for SaaS” does not rely on the Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, the conventional solution to the problem, associated with high installation costs, time-consuming administration and up to 50% loss of performance.

The SaaS-Business communication

“UNIQUE Business for SaaS” provides an access technology, which leads users directly – via an encrypted HTTPS connection – to a terminal server based data center. In this data center all software applications, which are not cloud enabled, will be made available on one or more terminal servers. With “UNIQUE Business for SaaS” all clients can access this software from any internet connected place in the world.

The system can be used on both server farms and stand-alone servers. And it includes a load balancing technology, so fast traffic is guaranteed. With its central user administration and management functions you get automatically generated analyses and it is possible to activate scheduled and time-controlled accesses for the users.

You can create new users – real and virtual ones. Real users are clients of your SaaS program. Virtual users are for short-term or demonstration purposes. Another special function is to support your users online (the admin can take over the session).

The traffic via port 443 is fast and safe, so no modifications of your or your clients firewall are necessary. Local resources (like printer or storage) can be integrated in the system.

Without Client: Goes Remote Desktop Web

"UNIQUE Business for SaaS" is now equipped with a web browser access and provides more convenience and clarity by a user friendly designed web interface.

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