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UNIQUE Business for SaaS (Software as a Service Access Platform)

Fast and secure SaaS access and application platform

Based on the Microsoft RDP 8.0 technology, Microsoft Terminal Server Gateway and the SQL database, our platform offers you individual applications without requiring a Windows desktop.

The system can be used on server farms as well as on stand-alone servers. It includes a load balancing technology, so fast traffic is guaranteed. With its central user administration and management functions you get automatically generated analyses and it is possible to activate scheduled and timecontrolled access options for the users.

You have the possibility to create new users – real or virtual ones. Real users are clients of your SaaS program. Virtual users are for short-term or demonstration purposes. Another special function is to support your users via remote maintenance mode (the admin can take over the session).

The traffic via port 443 is fast and secure, so no modifications are necessary for your firewall or the firewall of your clients. Local resources (like printer or storage) can be integrated in the system.

Target groups

  • Hoster and service provider who offer private cloud environments to their customers
  • Web marketplace vendors who wants to add standard client-server-software to their product portfolio

Fields of application

SaaS Access Platform, Support in Microsoft SPLA License Reporting

Cloud enabling: "SaaSification" of non-cloud-enabled software

With UNIQUE Business for SaaS, applications which were previously only available as client software with local software installation and licensing, are now reachable via the Internet. UNIQUE Business for SaaS do not need the Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. VPN is normally the conventional solution for this problem, but with high installation costs, time-consuming administration and up to 50% loss of performance not efficient enough.

SaaS Business Communication

"UNIQUE Business for SaaS" provides a remote access technology that allows users a direct, HTTPS-encrypted connection to a terminal server-based data center. This is achieved by accessing previously non-cloud-ready software applications on one or more terminal servers in a data center. With "UNIQUE Business for SaaS" your Clients have access to their software from anywhere in the world (requirement: connection to the internet).

Features and Benefits

  • Access platform for Microsoft Terminal Server (Remote Desktop Services)
  • Cloud enabling for non Web browser-based software
  • Support for MS SPLA license reporting
  • 3 ways of access: Remote Desk, Remote App and Remote Web
  • License model per user / per month
  • SaaSification of not-capable Web browser software to access Microsoft Terminal Server via any web browser (HTML5)
  • Effcient integration of non-cloud software in Web marketplaces / stores

UNIQUE Web Access - Without Client: Remote Desktop goes Web

"UNIQUE Business for SaaS" connects online using "UNIQUE Web Access". This option provides users with access via Web browser to their Remote Desktop Services (possible with all major current browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer). "UNIQUE Web Access" has a user friendly interface for greater ease of use and familiarity. Interaction is easy and the connection is fast. For safe and high-performance access, the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and SSO (Single Sign-on) authentication is integrated.

The user is provided a full-size desktop identical to the familiar PC experience - available using any device via web browser (plug-ins such as Flash, ActiveX or Java are not required here).