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White Label Cloud Program

With our PCS AG partner program you can offer a wide range of cloud services without the complex operation of hardware and software. We enable you as an efficient cloud service provider, with the least possible effort. Solingen-based PCS AG has developed an efficient reseller program which allows their partner to provide solutions in the field of cloud technologies, without having a comprehensive product expertise. This evolves in significant revenues increase in the commercial sector. 

You can offer your customers a new and efficient IT technology, without providing the necessary infrastructure. With minimal investment, you can be a cloud service provider! The provisioning of resources and technologies and their maintenance is handled by the PCS AG, which stays in the background as your “cloud supplier” and will not appear directly or indirectly on your customer’s site. 

As a cloud service provider, you can bind existing customers closer to your company and win new clients. With cloud services, which are based on contracts with terms of 36 months you bind existing customers better and longer to your business. You win new customers, because by addressing the large circle of people who are interested in cloud, you open up completely new target groups.

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