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Send us your CV if you have found a vacancy that matches your profile, or your wishes.

What we would like to know:

  • What interests you about the PCS AG and the desired job?
  • What are your expectations for your future career?
  • What skills do you qualify for the most Anticipated activities in our company?

Your application should have at least the following amounts:

  • A personal letter, which expressed your interest in the position advertised
  • a curriculum vitae with your educational and professional stations and any additional qualifications
  • Copies of all relevant certificates (education, training, higher education, employment, internships and additional qualifications)
  • A provisional transcript if you are still studying
  • References, if any


Unfortunately, we currently do not have to fill vacancies.

If you still intrested in our company, you will want to use the possibility of a speculative application.

We look forward to meet you.