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UNIQUE Protection for SQL Server

Security solution for sensible SQL environments

UNIQUE Protection for SQL Server protects your database from dangerous content - independent of the client, server and middleware application.

You want to protect your sensible SQL environment?

With UNIQUE Protection for SQL Server you are able to keep away precarious viruses from your server. When infected content attains the environment by a local upload, SQL servers are mainly affected by a virus attack. 

With UNIQUE Protection for SQL Server you obtain the opportunity to configure the scope of your servers protection by yourself. You define the databases and tables inside the SQL server in which the UNIQUE SQL Protector verifies on virus attacks. In case of a virus fund an email will be sent automatically. This guarantees that you are always up to date with the status quo of your SQL environment.

Your advantage: You can act well-directed and much faster against the virus.

Your advantages

  • effective virus protection
  • an easy and individual configuration of the virus protection
  • automatic email notification system
  • use of the new Symantec Scan Engine
  • intuitive and easy installation

UNIQUE Protection for SQL Server is working as a standalone system solution which runs in every SQL Server database independently from the system.